It’s My Birthday!

Today is my birthday. And the last day of school for the year. There will be no introspective or emotional post today. Just pure, unadulterated celebration. 

I’ve always been someone who loves birthdays. I love my birthday and I love other people’s birthdays. Getting older is certainly scary. The slow, unstoppable march towards death is more than slightly unnerving. But a day to celebrate life and living? What’s so fearsome about that? (In my head that last question was 100% said/sung in Julie Andrew’s voice #iykyk) Another year of experiences. Even if this past year was a little limited on those thanks to a global pandemic. Another year of conversations and learning and discussion and debate. Another year of developing friendships. Another year of growing. Another year of obstacles to overcome, sure, but even that’s something. Another year of getting older, but as my husband always reminds me: It’s better than the alternative. 

Who doesn’t love the last day of school? The vast majority of students I teach are seniors, so there’s always something even more exciting about the end of the year. Remember your last day of high school? I get to watch my students experience that every year. There are always tears and laughter and hugs and rounds of, “I can’t wait to get out of here” and “I’m going to miss you”.  From a completely self-centric perspective, it also marks the beginning of summer, and while there is still summer school to teach, lesson plans to revisit and revamp, and professional development to be done, there is a weight lifted off of my shoulders when I turn in my paperwork at the end of the day and walk out of the building.

I’m celebrating today, and whatever your reason, I hope you are too!

Another perk to teaching seniors? At the end of they year they put on their graduation goggles, get emotional, and leave sweet messages on my board.

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