Trick or Treat

Halloween may be my favorite holiday. I absolutely love it. I am not a huge fan of horror or being scared, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I am a huge fan of a good costume and good party. I freaking love Halloween. 

My husband and I have been together since 2013 and in that time we’ve had some seriously kick-ass couples costumes. We haven’t had the opportunity to dress up every year, but every year that we have dressed up it’s been in some sort of coordinating costumes. We, as a couple, also love Halloween.

This year we decided to throw our first Halloween party. Technically, it wasn’t our first, but it was the first one where we had more than just a couple of people at our house. We had two rules for our party. 1. You MUST come in costume. We had a box by our front door filled with costumes and accoutrement used in previous Halloween and costume parties for those that broke this rule. Luckily nobody did. 2. No kids. 

I felt bad telling people that their kids weren’t necessarily welcome at this party. Even writing that sentence was hard. I went back and added the word necessarily to make it feel less harsh. And there were people I love dearly that couldn’t come because they have young children and finding a babysitter for Halloween weekend is no small task. But the fact is, my husband and I are two people in their mid-thirties without kids. Not only is my house decidedly not kid friendly, it’s not even close to fun for them. When my nieces and nephews come over to visit, we have a small box of toys and arts and crafts for them to play with that they typically tire of pretty quickly. And their typical food choice is popcorn and fruit, because those are the only things in our kitchen even slightly appealing to them. 

This post feels like it’s rambling without a point, there are just so many things I want to talk about when it comes to Halloween and being childless. I haven’t even touched on the sadness that comes with the fact that I’ll never be able to do cute family costumes with our own little ones. I may have to part 2 this at some point. Okay. Focus. Let’s see if I can tie this all back together. 

Your childless friends are probably not trying to be mean or exclusive when they want to participate in socializing without children. And it’s okay as a childless person to or ask to do childfree events. Maybe it’s a little presumptuous or arrogant of me, but I love the idea of my loved ones being able to come into my home and maybe reclaim a little of themselves and who they are outside of being mom and/or dad. I love the fact that people can be at our house and say fuck instead of fudge or complain about the stresses of being a parent without being judged. 

Overall, our Halloween party was a success! We are already coming up with plans for next years’. So, dearly beloved, commence with looking for babysitters now, and start prepping for a kick ass costume!

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