A Quick Intro

 HI! I’m Kayla. I’m married. No, I don’t have kids. Yes, we tried. No, we don’t know why we can’t have them. Yes, we’ve decided to step away from trying to have children. No, that doesn’t mean we wanted kids any less than any other couple. Yes, I will answer any questions you have. No, I don’t feel like I somehow don’t know what it’s like to experience the “truest form of love”. Yes, I get sad sometimes. No, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear stories about your kids and hold your babies. Yes, I still feel like I can live a full and completely worthwhile life. No, I’m not a mother. Yes, I am: a wife, a teacher, an aunt, a daughter, a sister, a lover of learning, a feminist,  a drinker of wine, a traveler, a foodie, a reality TV watcher, and an adult woman with the same worth as any other human, barren or fertile.

My goal is to use this little bloggity blog as a way to vent about and celebrate the craziness of this unexpected and adventurous life. If I make some friends along that way, that’d be pretty cool too. So here we go!

Kayla & Daisy. Daisy’s the furry one.

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